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Our wedding party


Jackie Maxwell- Maid of Honor

Lindsey Galloway-friend of bride

Matrisa Hollinger-friend of bride

Annie Faivre-friend of bride

Kelsey Sharer-friend of bride

Kory Blumer-friend of bride

Brittany London-friend of bride

Joselyn Huynh-friend of bride

Mandy Murabito-friend of bride


Jonny Camporese- Best Man

Anthony Shadley- cousin of groom

Larry Pandocchi- cousin of groom

Nick Pandocchi-cousin of groom

Nick Camporese- cousin of groom

Charlie Gockenbach-friend of groom

Derek Oswald-cousin of groom

Matt Tsikretsis-friend of groom

Ben Leibovitz- friend of groom

Flower Girls:

Gianna Floro-niece of bride

Isabella Wallace-niece of bride


Tommy Wallace- nephew of bride

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